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Can Game based Entertainment Can Shape Ecommerce Sales?

Can Game based Entertainment Can Shape Ecommerce Sales?

As one of the hottest trends in eCommerce, gamification marketing targets businesses looking to improve customer engagement and boost sales. A great way to gain an advantage in eCommerce is to implement gamification marketing. The goal of gamification in eCommerce is to increase user engagement and revenue. Online merchants create an environment that is favorable for their customers by using gaming techniques. Having fun while browsing a website will increase the likelihood of users placing an order.
Using a game element is not enough. Your aim shouldn’t be to fit it into your marketing program. Each game has unique dynamics and attributes.
A combination of strategic planning and determination will lead to future success in each game, when you choose the right mechanisms, you can expect long-term positive outcomes.
The gamification of strategies will still work even after a user has completed all stages of a game. The instructions must be clear and precise for consumers. Make sure the rules are written clearly in an understandable language and avoid describing the game in too much detail.  Through a challenge, you motivate your audience to participate. Games are always about achieving greater results faster or better, right?  It can be their own challenge or competing with others. As you offer coupons, discounts, or products, you’re building trust, so ensure that you deliver. Gamification requires this step. Make the game more appealing to your target audience by offering better rewards for higher scores.
Gain Customer Engagement and Increase Sales –
In a survey, 60% of consumers said if they played the game with the brand, they were more likely to buy the product.  People of all ages find gaming enjoyable, whether they are old or young. The type of content created this way caters to Gen Z – easily consuming, visually appealing, and very engaging. A retailer’s brand can be enhanced through gamification marketing tools, it’s also a game-based mechanism where customers can win prizes by collecting points, stamps, and other rewards. if they are applied correctly, by increasing customer loyalty.
It is a system that is advocated by Bonito, one of the most prominent Polish bookstores. Points are awarded based on the number of purchases. Discounts increase with subsequent purchases.


Brand Awareness and Customer Relationship –
Game integration is about creating a more enjoyable and engaging relationship between you and your customers. Through these interactions, a positive attitude toward the brand is ensured and future benefits are gained. Loyalty Programmes, Friendly Competitions, Personalised Content, Fun Boarding, Leader boards, these   Gamification techniques can be used for several purposes to build relationships with a target audience.
Email marketing Consent through Games –
With most marketing campaigns, data forms the backbone of the marketing strategy. Your future campaigns will be more successful if you gather more information about your clients and target audience.  Businesses are prohibited from sending messages without the consent of clients because of anti-spam policies and GDPR regulations. By gamifying a game, users can access different features such as leader boards, progress saves, and level unlocks consumer will provide their information. It can be used to track user behavior, motivators, and demographics. Gamification on your website and in-app is a great way to encourage customers into leaving their e-mail addresses. It’s an extremely vital factor when designing campaigns to build lists.
How to gamify your eCommerce store
  • Quizzes – Ecommerce stores can make use of quizzes to raise product awareness. Organize them in an easy-to-understand manner. Links to your website’s product purchasing pages or reward programs can be provided through QUIZ related to your products and brands. This quiz may be designed to test your customer’s intellect, or it may be a company quiz, theme-based quiz, or some other custom quiz.

The world’s largest cosmetic retailer, Sephora, offers quizzes to help shoppers select the right products.

  • Loyalty Program – It is no longer surprising that even the world’s most renowned brands, including Reebok, IKEA, PetSmart, and Kohl, offer consumer loyalty programs. To increase repeat orders, one must be able to attract them easily. When a buyer has a favorable experience, they will return for future purchases. You increase customer satisfaction when you reward them simply for spending money. To entice them back, you can take several other measures.
  • Spin-a-Wheel – A major part of the gaming industry is spinning-the-wheel games, and a growing number of companies are offering spinning games with discounts, free shipping, and prizes.  Depending on the season (Holi, Diwali, or Christmas), you can even introduce a once-in-a-month spin with greater rewards than you can directly mail to the registered users. It is just a matter of spinning the wheel and gaining their benefit. Consumers find spin the wheel to be relatively simple and easy to implement.
  • Referrals and Milestones – By using your referral system, you can entice buyers to your eCommerce store and encourage them to make purchases. Your program will have more value if your customers have fun with it. Customers are more likely to stay engaged with a referral program that feels like a game if it makes them feel like they’re getting something in return. a concept that has been used very effectively by the fashion brand, Guilt. Both referrers and their invitees receive a $25 gift card upon signing up.
Why not get started now?
Following that you have seen the potential of gamification marketing and its implementation into numerous marketing campaigns, you have a better understanding of its application. Make sure you know your recipients and put a plan in place before you act. Being unique can have both positive and negative effects since you stand out from the crowd. The brand’s personalized experience must be integrated into other marketing strategies and lead to repeat business. The right kind of Gamification will help you take your eCommerce strategy to the next level. Through this process, businesses are able to build deeper customer relationships, increase engagement, and drive loyalty. Games are an exciting and engaging way to motivate your audience, no matter if they’re your employees, customers, or students. Gamification is easy to use, especially with gamification tools available on the market.
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