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Plug the Leak on your E-Commerce Product Pages with Shoppable Videos

eCommerce Product Pages Shoppable Videos

Are your visitors leaving your e-commerce website without making a purchase? If so, you may have a common problem in the e-commerce industry – the “Leaky Bucket” problem. But don’t worry – we can show you how to plug the leak and improve your conversion rates. In this post, we’ll discuss the importance of e-commerce product pages, identify the key leak points, and suggest some solutions to improve them, including the use of shoppable videos.

Why Optimizing E-Commerce Product Pages Matter?

Optimizing product pages is essential to achieve maximum impact. Research shows that optimized product pages can increase conversion rates by 115%. Many e-commerce sites need to focus on product pages to attract and retain visitors.

Key Leak Points on E-commerce Product Pages

To plug the leak from your e-commerce product pages, it’s essential to identify the key stress points or issues that can cause visitors to abandon the page. Some of the most important leak points include:

  • Non-Engaging Visual Content
  • Lack of Product Information
  • Confusing Navigation
  • Not Optimized for Mobile Experience

Let’s look at each of these in more detail.

Non-Engaging Visual Content

Non-engaging visual content on e-commerce product pages breaks the trust with potential customers. When customers cannot physically touch or see a product before making a purchase, they rely heavily on visual content to understand the product’s quality and features. 

40% of customers stop engaging with an E-Commerce website due to this.

Shoppable Videos To engage

To engage your website visitors, you can:

  • Use high-quality product images
  • Create short and snackable videos that show the product in use or highlight its features
  • Use user-generated content (UGC) videos that showcase real customers using the product
  • Provide 360 degree view

Lack of Product Information

Visitors want to know everything about the product they want before purchasing. If your product page lacks essential information, visitors may feel uncertain about their decision to buy.

84% of websites face the issue of unclear product information


To provide comprehensive product information, you can:

  • Add detailed product descriptions that highlight features and benefits
  • Include product reviews and ratings
  • Provide sizing charts and dimensions

Confusing Navigation

If visitors need help finding what they’re looking for on your product page, they may get frustrated and leave. Confusing navigation can be a significant obstacle to a smooth buying experience.

25% of users abandon their purchase due to confusing navigation on e-commerce product pages


Simplify navigation, with:

  • Use a clear and intuitive layout
  • Use descriptive and concise labels for categories and buttons
  • Provide easy access to related products and accessories
  • Use breadcrumb navigation to help visitors understand their location on your site

Not Optimized for Mobile Experience

More than 60% of all online shopping traffic in 2020 is through Mobile Devices

So, for E-commerce product pages that are not optimized for mobile devices, you’re missing out on a significant portion of potential customers. 


Deliver a rich mobile experience, you should:

  • Create a social app-like experience with Blaash Web Stories and Shoppable Videos
  • Use responsive design to adapt to different screen sizes & resolution
  • Optimize images & simplify layout for faster loading time
  • Accessibility – Consider larger fonts & buttons

How Can Shoppable Videos Help to Plug the Leak

Shoppable Videos increases product contextualization with the help of more engaging & high quality visual content. Build product trust using a mix of lifestyle, product usage & user-generated content (UGC) reviews to appeal to the visitors.

Shoppable videos are highly optimized for mobile as they are primarily built on the concept of short video apps. Visitors get to see Vertical video format with Swipe, tap & scroll experiences that are mobile-first & adapts to different screen sizes. You can ensure that your visitors have a seamless shopping experience from start to finish.

Also, Blaash offers easy navigation & visual features with various formats like carousel, story & picture in picture (pip) mode. Also Blaash simplifies the buyout process by allowing customers to add products directly to their cart while watching the video,  making it more convenient for them to make a purchase.

Incorporating shoppable videos on your e-commerce product pages will help plug the leaks and boost your conversion rates. They will proof your eCommerce website against all the key stress points & leaks, such as non-engaging visual content, lack of product information, confusing navigation, and mobile viewing.

Ilana Cosmetics has taken its online shopping experience to the next level by implementing shoppable videos and captivating web stories. This has resulted in increased conversions and a higher engagement rate

Ilana hosts shoppable videos on its website to boost customer engagement and in turn drive conversions.

What Next For You?

If you are looking for a solution that can drive sales through your existing video, speak with our solution advisor today. Blaash is a complete DIY platform that enables you to create digital products and drive sales with a shoppable video feature. Blaash’s digital product shop will increase conversion rate, reduce return rates and enhance your product pages by adding dynamic content that keeps users engaged, entertained, or educated.

Don’t let potential customers slip away. Start using shoppable videos today and take your e-commerce business to the next level. Speak with our solution advisor and discover how Blaash can help you drive more sales.

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