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How This herb-based brand Increased Time Spent With Customers By 300%​​

DTC brands traditionally utilize text and image content for their websites. Instead, Amaara herbs was looking at ways to go beyond this.
To address this challenge, Amaara Herbs partnered with Blaash to enhance their website by featuring shoppable and swippable vertical videos that better cater to their customers’ preference

Blaash Metrics


300% increase in time spent on website

Amaara Herbs utilized Blaash’s shoppable videos to increase engagement on their website and generate customer interest by showcasing their products through captivating video stories.


Using product description card in shoppable videos

Blaash’s product description card enhances the shopping experience for Amaara Herbs’ shoppable videos, allowing customers to seamlessly view product information while watching the videos without navigating to another page


19% boost in our conversion

Blaash improved conversion rates by integrating a ‘Buy Now’ call-to-action on short videos, opening up new conversion touchpoints and simplifying the purchase journey for customers, resulting in a 19% increase in conversion for video viewers.