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Capturing The Attention Of Mobile Users Via Shoppable Videos & WebStories

Did you know that the average human attention span is only 8.25 seconds? 

This fact alone should be enough to convince businesses to take a serious look at how they engage and retain their audience, especially as mobile devices continue to dominate the digital landscape. With mobile users having the ability to operate multiple applications with just a swipe of their thumb, businesses need to come up with innovative ways to capture their attention and convey their message effectively.

Research has shown that our attention spans are decreasing, making it harder for businesses to engage with their audience. With so many marketing messages competing for their attention, businesses only have a short window of opportunity to capture their audience’s attention and convey their message effectively. Failure to do so can result in customers moving on to the next thing without realizing the value of a business’s products or services.

Impact of Mobile Devices on Video Consumption

Recent data shows that residents of the United States are dedicating an average of 323 minutes per week to consuming video content solely on their mobile phones. This remarkable statistic underscores the significant impact that mobile devices have had on the way Americans consume media in the digital age.

One popular feature on social media platforms is Reels, which boasts an impressive potential ad audience of 758.5 million users. Individuals share Reels content a staggering one billion times daily through direct messages. The reason for this lies in how mobile users have become accustomed to quick and effortless navigation, making the experience of scrolling through Reels and other social media content both habitual and entertaining.

Influence of Habitual Behavior On Consumer Engagement

Let’s consider the case of Sarah, a college student who dedicates a significant portion of her day to browsing Instagram. Commencing her day by perusing her feed and the latest reels, she experiences a thrill of anticipation and enthusiasm as she taps through each video, eagerly anticipating what comes next. Engrossed in the content, she stops at a particularly captivating reel, swipes up to read the accompanying caption and comments, and watches it once more before proceeding to the next. 

For the subsequent hour, she continues browsing reels, expressing appreciation for and commenting on her favorites before starting her day’s activities. Throughout the day, she frequently checks her notifications for new engagements on her own reels, deriving a sense of fulfillment and validation from the interactions. After several hours of Instagram use, Sarah feels entertained and connected due to the content she has consumed and created.

It’s not just limited to Instagram, as digital users may encounter the same phenomenon on other popular social media platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, and Snapchat. In fact, this behavior has become somewhat habitual among digital users.

It’s not just social media platforms that are taking advantage of the popularity of short-form, immersive content. E-commerce platforms such as Amazon Inspire and Myntra Studio have introduced shoppable videos and web stories to provide a more convenient way for customers to shop online.

Imagine Sarah, a college student who spends most of her day scrolling through Instagram. She discovers an e-commerce platform that offers shoppable videos and web stories. Excited to see what it has to offer, she opens the app and starts scrolling through the videos. She watches a video about a new clothing line and sees that she can tap on the items to purchase them directly. She taps on a shirt she likes and is redirected to a product page where she can see more details about the item and add it to her cart.

As she continues to scroll, she sees a web story featuring a makeup tutorial. The story includes links to the products used in the tutorial, making it easy for Sarah to shop the look. She taps on the links and is taken directly to the product pages, where she can add the items to her cart and check out.

Sarah spends the next few hours exploring the platform and adding items to her cart. She loves how easy it is to shop the looks she sees in the videos and web stories and feels like she’s discovered a whole new way to shop online.

How Shoppable Videos and Web Stories Revolutionize Ecommerce

Shoppable videos and web stories are revolutionizing the way businesses interact with their audience, creating immersive experiences that drive conversions and increase customer loyalty. Incorporating video content into marketing strategies has been effective in generating leads and acquiring new clients.

Content-driven commerce is a strategy that involves creating a compelling brand story, fostering customer trust, and driving sales conversions through insightful information and long-term relationships. By using content, businesses can differentiate themselves from the competition and improve the overall user experience, ultimately encouraging customers to choose their products over others.

One example of a brand successfully using shoppable videos is Albertsons, the third-largest grocery store in the US, which used Story Block Carousel units to showcase unique and immersive video content to enhance the retail experience. Another example is Ilana Organics, a popular skincare brand that used web stories to create visually stunning and immersive experiences for their followers, resulting in a 145% increase in click rates on their website.

In today’s content-driven commerce landscape, businesses must embrace innovative approaches to engage their audience and drive sales. By leveraging shoppable videos and web stories, businesses can create immersive experiences that captivate their audience’s attention and drive conversions.

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