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Video led SaaS Platforms – Pioneering The Future Of Ecommerce

Video led SaaS Platforms – Pioneering The Future Of Ecommerce

Video led SaaS Platforms - Pioneering The Future Of Ecommerce

In the booming world of e-commerce, businesses are often implementing innovative ways to stand out in an unique way and engage their customers. In recent years, One trend that has been gaining a pull is integration of video content into online shopping experiences. With a rise of video led software as a service (SaaS) platforms, the future of ecommerce is being reshaped, delivering a new perspective and a dynamic, also an immersive shopping journey like never before.

Why Is Video Essential For Ecommerce?

“Online videos will makeup more than 82% of all customer internet traffic by 2023 – Cisco

Just imagine this stat in your business! This statistic alone brings out the importance of incorporating video into ecommerce strategies. Capturing and retaining a shopper’s attention is the hardest part these days because attention spans are shrinking. To eliminate these kinds of situations, videos provide a powerful way. 

Videos help businesses to showcase their products in action, providing potential customers with a clear understanding of how the products work and what benefits the offer. Unlike using traditional methods like static images, videos allow for more detailed demonstrations and storytelling, helping to convey the story, value and uniqueness of the products. The incredible experience not only builds trust and delighting customers but also reduces uncertainty, leading to higher conversion rates.

What Kind Of Videos Attract Shoppers?

Not all videos are created equal and the major element to success relies in creating content that resonates with your target audience. Here are a few types of videos that are particularly effective in attracting audiences. 

Product Videos

Product videos give customers an idea of the particular product, showcasing its features, benefits and how to use it in real life. Including customer reviews or testimonials in these types of videos adds an element of social proof, which can be a motivation for potential buyers. 

Tutorials Videos

Educational videos that demonstrate how to use a product effectively can be emphatically valuable. Customers definitely appreciate brands that go the extra mile to help them get the most out of their purchases. 

User Generated Content (UGC)

This is just another powerful marketing tool by encouraging customers to share their own videos of using your products. User Generated Contents adds an extra authenticity and credibility to your brand.

What kind of video tools?

Businesses are leveraging a number of innovative video tools to not only grab the attention and engage customers but also to enhance the overall shopping experience. Let’s dig into three game changing types of video tools that are developing the future of ecommerce. 

Shoppable Videos

Shoppable videos have transformed the way consumers interact with products online. Unlike standard videos that simply convey information, shoppable videos are interactive experiences that seamlessly blend content and commerce. They allow shoppers directly purchase products featured in the video, eliminating the need to navigate away from the content to make a purchase. This frictionless integration of video and ecommerce streamlines the customer’s journey, enhancing convenience and boosting sales and conversions. Brands like Sephora, Ted Baker, and Nike have already utilized the power of shoppable videos to create alluring shopping experiences that resonate with their audience.

Web Stories

Web stories aka visual narratives or storytelling videos are short videos that capture viewer’s attention through a compelling blend of visuals, text and audio. These small clip videos are designed to be consumed quickly, making them perfect for today’s fast paced digital landscape. Ecommerce businesses are using web stories to engage customers by sharing about their products, brand spirit, and behind the scene glimpses. Whether showcasing the journey of creating a product or highlighting customer reviews or testimonial videos, web stories communicate the spirit of a brand in a concise manner.

Live Commerce

This type of video tool involves live streaming events where hosts showcase their products, interact with viewers in real time and address questions and concerns on the spot. Live commerce provides a very interactive shopping experience that almost gives an impression of store experience.


Video led Saas platforms offer a different and unique advantage in creating short and irresistible content for ecommerce brands. By incorporating these types of videos access to increase the impulse buying and drive conversion rates. Blaash, a trailblazing ecommerce brand, has harnessed the potential of shoppable videos, web stories and live commerce to create a shopping experience that goes beyond the conventional. Elevate your brands to new heights in the market with Blaash. 

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