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Boost Your Conversion Rates with Email Marketing

Boost Your Conversion Rates with Email Marketing

Social media marketing and mobile marketing are examples of current marketing methods used to promote eCommerce sites and Email is one of the oldest and most popular methods of communication.

Email is used by over 4 billion people around the world, and this number keeps growing.

Email marketing is still a viable marketing strategy, but you might be unsure whether it is still effective. The total number of emails sent every day will reach 347 billion by 2022. Email marketing is used by 64% of small businesses to reach customers.

Most subscribers prefer receiving branded emails once a week. Organizations are changing their business models to cope with new market dynamics prompted by digital transformation. Your business and brand can benefit from email marketing in a variety of ways. An eMarketer study found that 49% of companies are prioritizing improving relationships with consumers in the new year.

“Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches—at scale.” – David Newman

It is projected that by 2027, the global e-mail marketing market will grow to $17,9 billion. A multi-channel approach to email that includes all a brand’s other channels, such as the website, mobile app, social media, in-store, and customer support, is crucial. Direct mail marketing provides a cost-effective solution that many successful D2C brands are using as part of their omnichannel strategy. In today’s competitive marketplace, you’d like to promote your products or services in the best possible way without overspending.

Email open rates average 19.8%, click-through rates average 11.3%, and bounce rate averages 9.4% across all industries.

While 59% of millennials use their smartphones primarily to check email, 67% of Generation Z scans their inbox on mobile devices.

Boosting your direct mail campaign can have several benefits for your D2C marketing campaigns –

  • Direct mail shows the top ROI of any channel from the 2022 State of Direct Mail, as reported by 67% of marketers. With email marketing, you can reach out directly to the most relevant customers you can target. If you don’t send too many newsletters a week, your audience will reward you with a higher open rate and click rate. In the first hour following delivery of an email campaign, nearly 22% are opened. In this way, you will be able to build relationships with current and potentially new customers.
  • There is a higher response rate for direct mail marketing than for e-mail marketing – To receive emails, people must opt-in, so when you send emails, you are addressing people who have agreed to hear from you. Direct mail was rated as much more personal by 70% of consumers polled than any online interaction in one study. Therefore, most recipients are likely to see your direct marketing message as compared to other media. In the beginning, an email marketing campaign can be free as email marketing doesn’t require a huge part of your budget.

Marketing professionals send their customers 3-5 emails a week, according to 35% of them.

  • Brand Awareness and Communication – You can also build trust with potential customers when you share useful information about your business or industry. Brand loyal customers are more likely to buy from you if they feel like they can speak to you. Seeing your products, services, and brand on a consistent basis will allow your subscribers to familiarize themselves with you. Your audience can easily be reached through email marketing, this can increase your audience’s awareness of your brand when you communicate with them regularly. And also you can use these emails at any time of the year, no matter what season it is, to keep your audience engaged.

“Make the customer the hero of your story.” – Ann Handley

  • SEO and Email Marketing go Parallel – What is the best way to distribute your great content to your audience? By email, for sure. You can improve your search engine optimization by having external links leading to your website. When people trust you, you will appear higher in search results. Your site’s SEO will be improved with effective email marketing campaigns. This will make sure that people relate to your brand and your website. Furthermore, email marketing is quicker than other marketing methods in that you can create a full campaign in a shorter amount of time.

“When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.” – David Ogilvy

  • Reached your Content Marketing targets – Email marketing is a very effective way to share everything you create, whether it’s graphics, blog posts, or videos. Email subscribers can be notified each time you publish new content. You must reach the right consumers at the right time for a successful marketing campaign. In addition to increasing your website traffic, if you send your content to your subscribers, you can decrease bounce rates, increase website visits, drive conversions, and achieve other content objectives. Any marketing campaign can be improved because users can access it from any device at any time. The benefit of email marketing is that people always check their email, making it easier for you to reach them.

Email newsletters are the most effective way to nurture leads, according to 31% of B2B marketers.

  • Direct mail and print campaigns can be expensive, but email marketing campaigns are usually more economical. A direct mail or a print campaign is much more costly to produce than an email campaign, which can be produced in a day.  Your business can benefit from a wide variety of emails, and each has its own benefits.
  • Start your email campaign with a welcome email. In these emails, you can tell your subscribers about yourself and what they can expect from your communications.
  • Your customer may also feel more comfortable doing business with you in the future after receiving a thank-you email from your company. It goes a long way to express your gratitude to customers when you thank them for their business.
  • Your business newsletters also give you the opportunity to update your clients and potential clients about the latest developments in your business. Even if subscribers aren’t seeking to purchase, newsletters help your business stay top of mind with them.

Have you considered email marketing for your company?

When it comes to email marketing, you can expect many benefits and can help you with it. Among the top methods of reaching your audience is email marketing. Furthermore, it can also boost sales and lead generation. By integrating your email marketing strategy with most of the digital marketing efforts, we can promote your website with the highest ROI.