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Customer Engagement Strategies : From Web Stories To Live Commerce

Customer Engagement Strategies : From Web Stories To Live Commerce

Customer Engagement Strategies : From Web Stories To Live Commerce

Hey there! Today, we are diving headfirst into the fascinating realm of customer engagement strategies. In this digital era, rocking your engagement game is the key to winning hearts and boosting your brand. Buckle up as we take you on a ride from the mesmerising world of web stories to the interactive wonderland of live commerce. It’s time to drizzle some engagement magic!  

Web Stories

Let’s kick off with a strategy that’s as snappy as a trending dance routine – web stories!These clip sized pieces of content are like a short storytime session that grab the user’s attention in a fraction of seconds. You’ve probably seen them on popular social media platforms. Those short lived visual tales that disappear before you can say “engagement”

“Facebook and Instagram stories boast a whopping 500 million daily users” 

Yes, You heard that right – 500 million! These little gems are like digital beverages that satisfy your audience’s appetite for quick and captivating content. Whether it’s a sneak peak of your new product, a behind the scenes, or a customer success story or testimonials, web stories pack a punch. 

Live Commerce

Now, Let’s welcome live commerce with drum rolls. The trend that’s revolutionizing the way we shop. Just imagine this – You’re sipping your morning coffee while turning into a live video where a friendly host showcases the latest gadgets, answers questions, and even lets you purchase them right then and there. That’s the magic of live commerce! 

“Definitely not a cap! In 2022, the live commerce market in China skyrocketed to a jaw- dropping 90 billion dollars” 

That’s enough zeroes to make your calculator blush! Live commerce isn’t just about shopping, It is about creating an interactive shopping experience that lets your customers be part of the action. Real time demonstrations, instant Q&A sessions – it’s like shopping with personal touch.

Why These Strategies Are Gem

Let’s break down and check what makes web stories and live commerce the add-on gem to customer engagement. 

Visual Delight

In a world where attention spans are shorter than a cat video, visual content monarchs are supreme. Web stories blend images, videos and typographies in a way that’s easy on the eyes and hard to ignore. Live commerce brings products to life, letting your users see exactly what they are getting. 


People are tired of polished perfection. They crave authenticity, and that’s exactly what web stories and commerce deliver. Web stories can take your audience behind the scenes, showing the real humans behind your brand. Live commerce lets customers see real people engaging with real products in real time. A secret sauce for building trust. 

Instant Satisfaction

We live in an era of instant noodles and one click shopping. Web stories and live commerce cater to this craving for immediate satisfaction. Web stories offer short sized content that is consumed quickly, while live commerce provides live spot answers to questions. 

Two-way Street

Engagement isn’t just a word, it’s a dialogue. Web stories allow users to swipe up, dive deeper, and engage further. Live commerce takes it a step further by letting viewers ask questions, express doubts, and receive instant responses. 

Putting The Strategies Into Action


Storytelling Magic 

Crafting web stories is like rolling a mini fairy tale. Use them to narrate your brand’s journey, highlight customer experiences, or to show the creation of developing your products. Make it fascinating and your audience won’t be able to look away. 

Visual Mastery

Invest in high quality visuals. Use attention seeking images, creative videos, and eye- catching designs to make your web stories and live commerce sessions pop. If your visuals aren’t that great, your engagement might take a drop. 

Get Interactive

Engage your audience like a pro magician. Use interactive elements in your web stories like polls, quizzes and questions to keep them engaged. During live commerce, allow viewers to ask questions and share their thoughts in real time.

Smooth Shopping

In live commerce, make purchasing a breeze. Include clickable links or buttons which will directly land on your product pages, ensuring your viewers can transition seamlessly from watching it to directly shopping. 

Shout It Out

Don’t forget to promote your web stories and live commerce events across all platforms. Spread the word like confetti at a party. And when the confetti settles, analyze your engagement metrics. Take note of what worked and what didn’t, and adapt your strategies accordingly. 


Engagement is your secret weapon in a world where customers have more choices than pizza toppings. These strategies are the golden ticket to building strong relationships with your audience from the enchanting allure of web stories to the interactive gala of live commerce. Remember, it’s about delivering engaging experiences, fostering connections, and satisfying that need for instant satisfaction. So, gear up with Blaash. We get creative and embark on your journey to conquer the engagement realm. Your brand’s story is waiting to be told – one web story and live session at a time. Blaash is here to engage your brand and many adventures ahead. 

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