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The Role Of Video Content In Customer Journey Mapping

The Role Of Video Content In Customer Journey Mapping

The Role Of Video Content In Customer Journey Mapping

Have you ever wondered how businesses manage to provide you with exactly what you need, right when you need it? Well, Let’s jot them down and break down the secrets! It’s all about the customer journey, and these days, video content is playing a major role in that journey. 

To align meaningfully to their customers, companies need to first create a customer journey map. Imagine this – You’re on the hunt to find a perfect pair of sneakers. You start typing away in your favorite search engine. Whoa! You’re greeted with multiple options, and each click takes you deeper into the world of sneakers. So have you ever wondered about how these businesses manage to tailor their offerings to your precise preferences and choices? Here comes the magic of customer journey mapping!

Btw, What Is Customer Journey Mapping?

Just think of customer journey mapping as a digital treasure map. It helps businesses to understand every step you take from the moment you think about the product to the inevitable moment you make a purchase and it is a strategic tool used by businesses. The journey is not just about the end goal, It is about the ups and downs, the twists and turns, and the unpredictability that you experience along the way. So businesses analyze all of these moments to create a seamless and delightful experience for you. And you know what? Video content has become the X that marks the spot on thi treasure map. 

The Wonder Of Video Engagement

The visuals, sounds and the emotions – they all come together to create an immersive experience right? That’s why businesses have started to use video content throughout your journey, turning a potential day to day interaction into an unforgettable experience. Videos have this incredible superpower, they engage multiple senses at once. 

“A study by hubspot found that 85% of consumers want to see more from brands”

Why? Because video contents are the gateway to an emotional rollercoaster. They can make you interactive and motivate you to take action and also they can make you laugh, cry and feel. It’s like sitting down in a bean bag with popcorn and beverages and enjoying a movie – and just expect the movie is your whole journey through the digital marketplace. Sounds cozy and comfortable. Isn’t it? 

Videos Everywhere!

Where exactly do these videos slide in? Well, everywhere! Right from the beginning where you land on a website to the point where you click that ‘ Add to cart’ button, videos are strategically placed to guide you along. 

Awareness Phase

This is where the magic begins. You are casually scrolling through social media or any other blogs, and suddenly a video catched your eye and boom! It is like an introduction to a product or a service. It automatically grabs your interest and you find yourself wanting to know more. 


“84% of people were convinced to buy a product after watching a brand’s video”

Consideration Phase

You are intrigued with that video and now you are actively looking for more information. This is when you might come across videos that show deeper knowledge about the product’s features or show real life testimonials from people who’ve already taken the dive. These videos also help you get a clear idea of what is on offer and whether it aligns with your needs.

Decision Phase

You’ve almost reached the destination. It’s decision time. But that’s not it, you’ve got video content cheering you on. Think comparison videos, unboxing, reviews and testimonials from customers who have taken the plunge. Videos in this phase are like cheerleaders on the sidelines, and will boost the confidence.

Post Purchase

The journey doesn’t end when you click the “buy now” button. Businesses know that a happy customer is more likely to become a loyal one. That’s why you might receive a thank you video or a tutorial video that shows you to make the most of your new purchase. These will leave you with positive feelings and definitely motivate you and keep you engaged for future journeys.  

Blink it!

Our attention times are shortening these days. Videos come to the rescue here and keep them engaged and reducing the bounce back rates. Studies show that 88% of marketers say video marketing provides a positive return on investment. They are like a magnet for your eyes and keep you engaged for those critical moments. 


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