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Video Shoppability: Why Your DTC Brand Needs It

Video Shoppability: Why Your DTC Brand Needs It

E-commerce brands are introducing “Shoppable Videos” as one of the most significant innovations in advertising. The vast majority of businesses continue to use video, Since the need for engagement and valuable content has grown, video marketing and content marketing collectively have changed a lot. Shoppable videos have emerged as a result. In terms of marketing strategy, more than two-thirds of marketers (92%) believe video is important.  Using videos in eCommerce or online shopping environments can be both inspiring and exciting, especially when they are engaging, engaging, and exciting.

Video marketing is used by 86% of businesses, videos are created by a wide range of companies. About 42%, primarily use live videos, 33% primarily use animated Videos, and 15% mainly use screen recordings.

An online shoppable video is defined as one that allows users to buy products from the video while it is playing. The video makes shopping for the products seen in the video easy for consumers. eCommerce brands have been able to find endless opportunities thanks to shoppable videos. A recent study showed that 83% of brand marketers said video helped them generate leads.

In recent years, online marketing & advertising technology has revolutionized the shopping process. Social commerce is now integrated into almost every big or small eCommerce brand to provide seamless shopping experiences for consumers. According to the survey, 42 percent of brands plan to sell directly through social media sites in 2020, up from 30 percent now.

Embedding shoppable videos into eCommerce websites allows brands to drive direct and immediate sales. Furthermore, these videos maximize business growth and drive action.

Why Shoppable Videos are Beneficial for Ecommerce Marketing?

Shoppable Videos can keep your audience in a saturated digital environment where everything is going fast. Let’s examine a few of its benefits.

  • Customers are easily able to access products – Amazon Live is an example of a video platform that allows customers to buy any product from one place. Customers are directed to individual product pages via links to featured products. In addition, the cart includes products from shoppable videos. Customers can add products to their shopping cart within the video itself, so they don’t need to leave the page.
  • Boost Sales & Conversions – Conversions are every marketer’s primary objective, and shoppable videos help increase conversions. Instigating buying decisions can be achieved through video content – one of the most impactful and expressive marketing tactics.

By providing more enticing, realistic, and diverse product information, these video marketing videos boost eCommerce conversion rates.

  • Engage Your Audience More Effectively – Create shoppable content and immerse your customers in your experience. Watchers can add products to their carts and purchase them without having to leave the live show by running live videos. The live videos also facilitate audience interaction and feedback in real-time. In addition, you won’t have to search through thousands of products on your website with a shoppable video. Rather than sending them a catalog of products, you offer them a web-based product catalog. This makes it easier for them to purchase.

More than 60% of people surveyed were interested in a product when they saw it in a Facebook Story

Shoppable videos come in different types

  • Shopping live in one-to-many format – It is a type of live video shopping where one person broadcasts the video to many people at once. Even ten people can join, and the audience can grow to millions.  In addition to product launches, concerts, and tutorials, this method works well for many other applications. Your audience will be entertained, and you will have a chance to influence them as well. 
  • Personalized virtual shopping – In-store experiences are created when a brand associate speaks with a customer one-on-one. Personalized experiences allow your store associates or brand influencers to assist customers in their purchasing journey.

In particular, luxury products and complex items benefit from this method.

Using a curated catalogue, your team can leverage its extensive knowledge to help shoppers make informed decisions.

  • Stories in Short Videos – You can enhance your product pages with pre-recorded short video stories. Video embedding, the display of benefits, and product validation are easy to do. Your shopper will be impressed by your thoughtful collection and feel confident when shopping online.

 The concept of shoppable videos can be illustrated by how they integrate online shopping with other content types. If you are watching a show or video and you notice an interesting product within the shot, you will be drawn to it. The same object can be purchased from the video instead of being searched for on Google. A visual cue directing the viewer to a purchase opportunity is needed for these experiences.

In addition to shoppable videos, brands produce their own videos. The implementation differs from streaming video services that overlay shopping experiences. By using video to convince a consumer to purchase, the brand can seal the deal after they’ve found it through search or intention.   According to research, mobile shoppable ads include a call to action and are more effective than those without it. Consumers tend to prefer ads that allow them to shop, but before they hit the ‘Buy Now’ button, they prefer to know more.

The numbers prove that video isn’t going away:

By 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic — 15 times higher than in 2017.

More than five out of ten executives say they would rather watch a video than read a text.

Watching a video retains 95% of a message, but reading it only retains 10%.

 Videos posted on social media are viewed 48% more often.

These videos help eCommerce brands drive sales, provide an incredible shopping experience to their customers, drive conversions, and more as they align with their buying process.

Through it, customers can become more connected to one another. In order to stand out from your competitors, your brand needs these shopping videos.

The blog describes how the shoppable video marketing strategy works if you read it carefully. It can bring your brand many benefits.

Shoppable video is still in its baby steps. The adoption of technology will continue to grow as brands and agencies create new ways to create and experience content and experiences. Although video marketing is intimidating at first, with practice and patience you are able to create unique, high-quality video content for your brand.

How can you choose the best shoppable platform? In case you’re still unsure, book a time and