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The Best Engagement Strategies for Increasing Conversions

The Best Engagement Strategies for Increasing Conversions

It is important to engage with customers and convert them but building loyalty with customers takes time. The right customer engagement plan can help brands meet leads’ needs and expectations and, in turn, convert more customers. Engaging your existing customers is a strategy to capture their attention and guarantee they have the best of experiences throughout their relationship with your brand.

More than 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for better customer service. Furthermore, 54% of customers believe that companies need to fundamentally change how they engage.

Customer engagement is best achieved through surprise gifts and offers, according to 61% of users. By 2023, AI and machine learning will automate almost 40% of all customer interactions.

Below are some of the Customer Engagement Practices Brands are using :-

  • Understanding your customer’s journey is key –

A customer engagement strategy cannot be developed or implemented without understanding the type and sources of your customers. The best way to begin is by mapping the customer journey and finding all touchpoints, bottlenecks, and issues your customers may face. Understanding their needs and behaviors will help you identify engagement opportunities.  Customer profiles or personas can be constructed by analyzing customer behavior and attributes. The signals you look at depending on the specifics of your business, such as location, income, motivation, and interaction history. You may use this insight to think of ways to engage each group in a way that appeals to them.

Engagement is key to acquiring, converting, and retaining customers. It is also imperative to earn their loyalty. The goal is to build meaningful relationships with them.

  • Engage your social media followers in a “tag a friend” contest –

Don’t miss out on engaging with current and potential customers if you aren’t active on social media. In today’s small business world, most businesses use social media to introduce specials on their menu. They can also tell their customers about new items for sale, or share urgent updates about the hours of their store. The majority of small businesses today put their social media pages above their actual websites, as customers can easily follow their favorite companies and get notified whenever they post.

As a thank you to its customers, Kopari Beauty celebrated its 100,000th follower by running a tag-a-friend campaign. Their message was as follows:

You can do it this way:

Give away a prize by posting a photo of it on Facebook or Instagram. The prize may represent one of your most popular products. If your followers want to earn an entry, ask them to tag a friend in the comments. Clearly explain the terms of the contest, including the date and time of the closing, and whether the winner will be chosen randomly or based on the number of people who tag the contest.

  • Ensure free trial users are converted to paying customers –

The free trials allow you to determine what your customers want out of them and whether your products are useful to them.  Your product will only be used by those who are interested, even if it is offered for free. Prospects for free trials now go more in-depth than they used to.

In order to understand how your product can benefit their business, they are spending time with your product. According to a recent CRM (Customer Relationship Management) study, you can map the complete customer journey of every lead and closely monitor them along the way. 

  • Developing Interactive Content –

By educating users about your products and services, interactive content is a great way to engage consumers. Having a brand that customers know and understand will actually enhance their engagement and drive them to take action. No matter how small your business is, you ought to use the latest technology whenever you can. Augmented Reality (AR) can be used, for instance, to let users experience your products in an immersive way.

It is important for brands to generate content that is interactive, creative, unconventional, and informative in order to engage and retain customers.

 The most important thing to remember when launching your products on the web is the content. Engaging your audience more effectively is the first step toward generating more leads and sales with the right type of content. Engagement is the key to retaining customers on your website, reading their emails, and following their content.

In addition, you should put more emphasis on the quality of the content rather than the quantity. You will get better results if you improve the quality, and interactive content is a powerful customer engagement tool.

  • Putting the customer experience first –

PwC reports that 32% of customers will cease doing business with a business after one bad experience and 48% will stop after more than one bad experience. Also, if a brand has positive experiences with its customers, they will pay more.

It was found by Salesforce that 80% of customers place more value on experiences than on products and services. 

Companies need to build connections with their customers to succeed. Every business, whether new or established, must handle customer experience effectively in order to succeed.

The support teams and customer service departments of companies must be monitored closely to ensure every customer gets the attention they deserve. The customer must get a prompt response. It is important for businesses to provide live chat capability to their customers or provide phone numbers for customers to directly contact them. Customers will be happier and more loyal if they have live chat capabilities.

  • Customers Are Deserving of Different Reward Methods –

By rewarding customers, you can make them feel like members of a community and can create a sense of belonging. In order to better engage customers, brands should not limit themselves to one reward program. Customers want to be valued. And when brands show how customer loyalty can be rewarding, it can help customers anticipate and be more engaged with the brand. Ideally, brands must find what their customers value and reward them accordingly.

They can include fun activities so more people can participate and engage with the brand. It has been reported that 71% of customers say that loyalty programs have improved their relationship with brands. Customer loyalty and repeat purchases are enhanced when rewards are meaningful to customers.

  • Employees Should Be Trained And Given The Right Tools –

In order for companies to drive customer engagement, they should ensure that their employees have the right tools and receive adequate training so that they can provide superior customer experiences and to turn the tide and win customers, brands must invest in their employees. Because they interact directly with customers, employees who deal with customers are brand ambassadors. It is the brand’s employees who can help increase engagement, whether they are customer service agents or technical support agents. The customer experience and employee engagement are linked in several articles, including this one. To improve employee engagement, brands must implement gamification techniques.



Engagement of customers isn’t an easy task, and businesses cannot just stick with customer satisfaction and not ensure that they are doing what is necessary to create engagement with customers.

Let’s talk how your businesses can achieve targets of customer engagement, because you cannot just sit back and relax. In order to provide value to their customers, businesses must continually examine how those strategies are performing. Getting employees more engaged is crucial since change begins from within.